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Platte River


New York Governor finally decides to allow a ban on fracking to go through after a six year battle between the oil and gas industry and environmental and citizen groups opposed to fracking.

This news is significant to Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation, representing a victory for grassroots groups which have put the pressure on for many years, forcing Cuomo to finally do the right thing. New York is not the first state to ban fracking. Vermont was the first, by a vote in the legislature several years ago. In Michigan we do not have a legislature willing to leave the decision up to the governor, nor one that would ever pass a ban itself. We also don’t have a governor who would want a ban. So we must use our constitutional right to put an initiative on the ballot, thus writing our own law and bypassing the legislature and the  governor and letting the citizens decide. This news from New York which exposes further the health risks from fracking can only add support to our efforts in Michigan to achieve a ban on horizontal fracking and fracking waste. Let us continue to raise the funds we need to mount a successful campaign this time. Go to letsbanfracking.org to make your donation. But first read the good news on the link below.


Peggy Case, MCWC President

December 17, 2014


A note from LuAnne Kosma of the Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan:


“While governors don’t actually have the power to ban fracking (by enacting a law by themselves) in NY’s case, the state legislature passed a law that allowed Cuomo to decide whether or not to begin fracking based on the science and a pending health report. Today he held a meeting with his cabinet and made this announcement. It’s widely reported as ‘NY Governor Bans Fracking’ but it isn’t the governor making a new law… and it’s not all fracking–just high volume fracking. Just to keep that distinction clear…because activists in other states will demand now that their governor  ban fracking by decree. ”



Citing Health Risks, Cuomo to Ban Fracking in New York State




November 2014 MCWC Newsletter

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