"We never know the worth of water, 'til the well is dry." ~Thomas Fuller

Welcome to Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation

We are a grassroots, nonpartisan, and nonprofit (501-c3) organization.
Our MISSION is to research, inform the public, and take action to PROTECT the WATERS of Michigan and the Great Lakes Basin.

Our priorities encompass the 4 “P”s:
1. Privatization of Water: Nestle, Flint, Detroit Water Shut-offs
2. Plundering: Potash Mining, CAFOs, Fracking
3. Pollution: Oil & Gas Pipelines, Injection Wells, Waste Facilities, Septic Systems,
4. Public Trust Doctrine: Restoring constitutional mandates, Fixing loopholes

We are “Water Protectors” and invite you to join us.
Please explore the information in “Water Priorities”.
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"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." -Helen Keller

“The global water crisis can be solved if we move steadily forward to protect water as a public trust and ensure just and equitable access. Water can be nature’s gift to humanity in ways we have yet to understand.” -Maude Barlow


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